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A Keen Insight About Moving a Rented Vehicle Across Canada/U.S Borders

A Keen Insight About Moving a Rented Vehicle Across Canada/U.S Borders

Lot have been said and discusses about renting cars, let’s focus our discussion towards driving rules laid down for crossing borders in a rented vehicle. You have to be cautious from the custom agents who always keep their eye on people importing a rented vehicle without paying duties and taxes or it may also happen that you are falsely trapped in such cases. Therefore, here are few things that you need to take care about before getting into any trouble that is related to moving a rented vehicle from one country to another, especially when the matter is closely related to U.S Canada regions.

A Canadian moving into U.S with a rented vehicle

Canadian and American citizens are free to move into each other’s territories without much question answers. However, the only requirement that you should fulfil related to satisfying the custom agent about your timely return back to your country.

An American moving into Canada with a rented vehicle

Just like Canadian citizens moving freely with a rented vehicle in U.S, Canada also allows Americans to move in easily with few formalities. However, the citizens holding dual Canadian/U.S citizenships are questioned about their intent with the rented vehicle and moving it in Canada. In that case, all you need is to justify your statement and satisfy the custom agents.

Canadian driving a U.S rental in Canada

There was a time before June 2012, when Canadians faced problems while moving in with a U.S rental into Canada and driving thereof. Now, it’s not too daunting. Canadians can easily drive a U.S rental without paying taxes that includes HST, Green Levy taxes, GST etc. All a Canadian needs to complete are few given requirements:

  • You should prove that you were out of Canada for more than forty-eight hours
  • The rented vehicle is hired for purely non-commercial use
  • The rented vehicle will be returned to U.S authorities within 30 days

Important Note: In case of Canadians who haven’t completed 48 hours of stay at U.S

Those who want to drive a U.S rented vehicle into Canada without completing the said criteria should be ready for paying partial tax payments for GST and HST taxes. The tax rate is computed on the approximate average weekly cost of similar type of vehicle in Canada.

General Tips for Driving a Rental Car Across the Canada/U.S Border

  • Keep the required documentation intact for escaping out of troubles that are generally seen while crossing borders with a rented vehicle. Keep your driving license and passport up to date and ready for immediate verification at anytime.
  • Get your intention to move a rented vehicle out of the border validated from the respective rental agency.
  • Make sure your insurance cover is not expired and that it allows you to drive across borders in your rented vehicle. Failing this may lead to unforeseen circumstances. To avoid this, have a clear idea of where and how you are covered. Sometimes rental agencies offer you non-resident insurance, in that case, keep the insurance card with you every time while driving the rented vehicle. This would save you from further questioning and troubles.
  • Do posses knowledge about conversion of mileage rated from metric to U.S. standard measurements.
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