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Canada: Tips on renting a car

Renting a car will certainly give you the flexibility and freedom while you are travelling, and if you do not know there are certain parts of the world where renting a car is the only feasible way for travelling or going around. However at certain times there are some added complications while travelling and these can be choosing the right car or knowing about your insurance options. Below you can find a few tips on renting a car.


At the time of pick up
It is advisable to take a shuttle van if it’s the first time that you are driving from the airport to the hotel for a night stay. You can save a day’s rental by doing this. If you have to drive the same day on which your flight lands, it is not necessary to get the car from the airport you can pick up the car downtown for saving the hefty airport surcharges.
You will be at least covered for the collision damage if you have a personal auto insurance or charge to a major credit card. In this case you will not have to buy the (CDW or LDW) basically know as Collision or Loss Damage waiver. If you have any kind of confusion then you can consult with the credit card issuer or your insurance agent.
Inspect the condition of the car before you drive away from pickup station. Check for any damages on the body, check the headlights, the turn signals and check the mileage odometer. Make sure everything is working fine. If you see any defects report these immediately.
Before you leave the lot, make sure that you get familiar with working of the car. See which side is the gas tank? Learn on how the turn signal, windshield viper and the lights work. Although it may be obvious however memorizing the make, model and the color of the car will help you park the car the first time in a parking lot.


Returning your Car
Be aware of the gasoline plans! Before returning the car make sure that you fill the gas tank yourself, this way you only pay for the gas that has actually been used. Try not use gas stations which are right next to the airports as the prices tend to be much higher here. Instead drive a few miles away from the airport and then fill the gas tank. Another great way is to get online and check here you can find where you can get the cheapest gas stations in your particular area.
One thing that is counterintuitive but if you deliver your car a bit early you might be charged for this as well. You might have to pay $15 as an early return fee, it gets even worse because the rate structure can change anytime and you will be responsible. Of course you have to pay for late delivery of the car. Some companies only give a 30 minute grace time. Check the car for your belongings. Check the car in presence of a check in attendant for any damages both should be in agreement.

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