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Cheap Car Rentals in Toronto

If you are thinking of using cheap car rentals in Toronto, there are a number of things to consider. Below you will find a list of car rental agencies. You will also find a list of typical questions that you will need to ask. And most importantly, we will show you how to do your research.
A list of cheap car rental agencies in Toronto and Mississauga:
Some car rental agencies in Toronto and Mississauga:
1.Budget Car Rental
2.Discount Car and Truck Rental
3.Ontario Car and Truck Rental

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Choosing the right car rental agency can save you a lot of money, time, and head aches!

6.Bargain Car Rental

Key questions that you should ask cheap car rental agencies:

How long have you been in business? Sometimes (not all the time) if a car rental agency has been around for a long-time, it normally means that they have repeat customers. A lot of car rental agencies close down within 5-7 years from opening. This is not always a strong indicator. There are a lot of start-up car rental agencies in Toronto who deliver exceptional service, and have only been around for a short period of time. If you want to further qualify them, you should visit and speak with the owner and ask for their customer testimonials.

How old is the car that you will provide me with? The car rental agency should give you a vehicle that is at most 5 years old. If it is any older, you should ask for a more newer model.

Are there any extra or hidden fee’s? Often times, there are a lot of extra and hidden fees, especially if the car rental agency is offering you a discount that is too good to be true. For example: one popular hidden fee is the “administration fee” that some car rental agencies in Toronto charge, there are also service fees and cleaning fees that you could be charged if the offered rate is too low.

Any ETR or toll rates that I will need to cover? All car rental agencies do not cover ETR or other toll rates. This is very important if you are traveling outside of Canada.

What is the insurance policy? Each car rental agency has their own insurance policies and benefits that they offer. Be sure to go in detail and take your time reading the policy. Highlight with a highlighter any extra fee’s that appear.

Drop off-charge: What if I drop my car off late? Ask them for the fee. Some have very hefty fee’s. They can normally range from $10 additional to $100+

Gas Fee/Refueling: Is there a gas or refueling fee? You would be surprised with how many people forget to refuel the car and end up being charge a hefty gas fee.

GPS and Radio Included: Most of car rental agencies charge for these equipment and usage.

Child Safety Seats: Some also charge for child safety seats. If you do need a child safety seat, make sure that it is fully buckled for your child. You never know, the agency might not have put it in properly.

Parking Tickets: What if I get a parking ticket? You could be charged administration fees of up to $75 dollars besides the cost of the parking ticket.

Moving Violations and Speed Violations: What if I get a moving violation or speed ticket? Who will cover the cost? If I cover it, is there any additional penalties.

Scratch and dent claims: What happens if I have a scratch or dent claim? Will I need to pay your agency an extra fee?

How do I find out if the cheap car rental agency is any good?

Besides asking the above questions, you should also do your own research. Here are some methods on how you can get answers and find out if the car rental agency is right for you by using the internet.
Search on to find their website. If the business has registered themselves on “Google Places” you will be able to see customer reviews.
On, type in “(COMPANY’S NAME) Reports” or “(COMPANY’S NAME) Complaints. This will allow you to see if there are any websites where customers have made a complaint or a report.
Here is a great article on car rental surprises, and consumer reports.
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