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Ontario Attractions

Below is a list of attractions in Ontario. If you have any questions about visiting any of these attractions, feel free to contact us.

Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world and among the top sightseeing in Ontario if not in Canada and the world. These beautiful falls actually consists of three waterfalls which are located at the borders between Canada and United States.The major and largest waterfall is the Horseshoe Falls which can be best seen from the Canadian side and is around 790 meter (2600 feet) wide and falls for about 53 meter (173 feet). The second waterfall is the American Falls which exists at the American side of the falls and it is extended over 320 meter (1060 feet) wide and it falls for about 21 to 30 meter (70 to 100 feet) and the third waterfall is Bridal Veil Falls and also exists at the American Side. If your looking to get a great view, then be sure to try a helicopter tour. There are companies in the area who conduct daily helicopter tours for tourists visiting Niagara .
Niagara Falls are located 121 km South East of Toronto, The best way to get there is to get a good car rental deal in Toronto with 150 km free per day and drive to these beautiful falls. Rent a cheap car in Mississauga or Toronto today and spend a fantastic weekend at one of the world landmarks.

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Centre Island

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Centre Island is the common name of The Toronto Islands which exist on the western side of Lake Ontario and just offshore of Toronto downtown. The islands are connected to Toronto city by ferries and it is planned to build a tunnel to link the islands with the mainland by 2014. Although the islands are considered an urban car-free community, renting a car would be the easiest way to reach this beautiful recreational destination.The islands are extended over 570 acres and hold major islands such as Centre Island, Algonquin Island, Olympic Island besides other smaller islands.


 The islands have residential areas, public science school, beaches, entertainment park and they also hold Toronto City Centre Airport. Rent a Car in Toronto or Mississauga and plan your trip to this beautiful destination.

The 1000 Islands

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The 1000 islands are located at eastern Ontario, the thousand islands is an huge archipelago that includes 1864 islands. This beautiful place is located at the northern East side of Ontario Lake and separates Ontario from the state of New York. The islands differ in size and ranges from very small islands that hold only one tree to islands over 100


Renting a cheap car in Toronto would be the best way to get there, as the 1000 islands are 280 km to east of Toronto. At Bargain Car & Truck Rental, we can help you to get a the best car rental deal in Toronto with sufficient free millages to enjoy a beautiful weekend at the fabulous 1000 islands area.

CN Tower

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CN tower is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Toronto that you can’t miss. The tower was built on 1972 and it was ranked as the tallest tower in the world at that time. The tower is still one of the highest free standing buildings and is considered the signature icon of the city. CN tower is 553.3 meter high (around 1815.4 ft) and is a major destination for tourists in Ontario. Around 2.5 million tourists visit the giant tower every year. We can help you to get the cheapest car rental in Toronto to freely explore the city and visit CN Tower.The name of CN tower refers to Canadian National. The tower was built by the Canadian railway company and after the privatization of the company, it was transferred to a federal corporation. in 1995,


The American Society of Civil Engineers names CN Tower as one of the modern seven wonders around the globe. Plan your next visit to the tower and contact us to get the lowest car rental rate in Toronto.

Canada Wonderland

Canada Wonderland is the ultimate fun destination in Ontario, the beautiful entertainment city is built over 330 acre and it is considered the most visited place in Canada with more than 3.66 million visitors every year. Wonderland holds 16 roller coasters and giant water park known as splash works

Wonderland was opened in 1981 and was known as Paramount Canada Wonderland. Subsequently, wonderland was acquired by Cedar Fair company which operated wonderland since 2006 and changed the name to Canada Wonderland. Wonderland is locate in Vaughn City north of Toronto, is serving Vaughn area and will be pleased to offer you cheap car rental to make it to the breathtaking city. Plan next your trip to wonderland and contact us to get the cheapest car rental in Toronto.


Lion Safari

Lion Safari is a great family destination that is located in Hamilton (100 KM west of Toronto). This amazing safari park is situated over 740 acres and hold more than 1000 different animals. There is limited public transportation to the park, but once you get there you have the choice to stay in your car or join on-site bus tour. It is better to stay in your own car which will allow you to stop as long as you want besides your favorite animal. We can rent you a car to enjoy that special trip. It is safe inside the park, so economy or full size car will be very convenient unless you prefer van or SUV.

                                              we provide variety of car rentals to enable you plan this trip. Lion safari park opens its doors to public starting May until thanksgiving in October. Besides the open safari area where animals roam freely, there are other on going shows onsite such as elephant and birds show.Visitors are prohibited from feeding animals because many of them are wild and the idea of opening the doors or windows could be very dangerous. The park has succeeded to breed Asian elephants besides numerous endangered species. Lion Safari park was founded by former Canadian Army colonel, Mr. Gordon Debenham and was launched on August 1967.


Casa Loma

Casa Loma is known as Canada’s majestic castle. It is a really great place for:

  • weddings
  • photo shoots
  • tourism
  • social and corporate events


If you are looking to learn more about Canadian history and architecture, Casa Loma would be a great place to vist.

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