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Things to do if Rented Car is Stolen

It is easier, faster and safe to travel in a rental car and explore new locale. But what if the rented car turns out to be stolen, you are the one who is liable and to bear the consequences. You might get some shield on some expenditure if you have taken an insurance option at the time of rental. However you still have to manage the inconvenience for the loss of your vehicle and that of the personal property. It can cost more than expected, so hurry and do not waste time if the rental car is stolen.

The steps you should take:

Step 1: Immediately give a call to the local police and inform about the car being stolen. Hold your nerves and very calmly explain that the car is a rented one. Inform about all your personal possessions left in the car. These can be your suit case, luggage or electronic devices.

Step 2: On the other hand contact the company from where you have rented the car, inform them about the theft and explain the representative that they should file an FIR to the police and request for the VIN (Vehicle identification numbers) along with the car’s tag.

Step 3: Once you contact the car rental agency request them for an incident/accident report. Do all the verification with the rental agency on the type of insurance you have opted. Mostly the car rental agencies give you 3 types of Insurance which are Liability, passenger and full coverage. The liability covers you from any accidents, the passenger protects you along with other passengers and the last one full coverage, though this is quite expense however it protects you from financial responsibility if the car is stolen.

Step 4: Contact your credit card company if you have paid for the car rental through your credit card and inquire if you had opted for theft coverage from the car rental company. Credit card companies offer rental theft for customers who do not own a car. In the case where you have regular car insurance then there is a possibility that the credit card company offers a secondary coverage. Call and inquire with the credit card company to know the details of service and your coverage.

Step 5: Do not forget to contact your personal car Insurance Company and ask them for some help. There are some car insurance policies that can cover you when you go for a car rental.

Step 6: Call the rental agency and request them for a new rental, some car rental companies will assist you on delivering another car to your location. There are other rental companies which will require you to visit the rental lot before the replacement of the vehicle. In case you did not opt for the rental insurance then the car rental company may refuse on delivering you another car.


Tips and warning: Always store the contact details of the rental company, incase of emergency it is easier to contact them. If you fail to contact them quickly you may be charged extra rent even though you had no possession of the car.


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