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Tips for car rental in Canada

Tips for car rental in Canada

Canada is very famous for its landscapes and scenic beauty, and the best way to reach is through driving a car to explore the vastness of this beautiful country.

If you wish to rent a car to explore the beauty of this country then you should be careful of certain points which could ease your expenses for the rental. If you wish to explore one of Canada’s larger cities, then you may not have a need to even rent a car.

Choice to rent

Canada’s car rental companies have their office located in almost all major airports. Companies who do have its presence in airports offer courtesy service like few shuttle buses between the airports and their office location. If you plan to access a city from its airport then a cab drive will be cost-effective other then going for car rental location.

It is a matter of self convenience to reserve a car through an online site, a broker or going directly to the car rental office location. But comparison of all price packages for your destination drive is always advisable for an economic cost, not depending on the mode on how you have chosen your car.

Company may sell a service which may look cost effective or less expensive but during the final takeover of the vehicle some elements of surprise not discussed earlier props up to increase a burden on your pocket. So it becomes more necessary to look in for added sections of the package before you decide on the final one.

Make some notes

What to look for, as an extra charge which adds up huge to your total cost are:

  1. Fee for drop-off, if it is for one way
  2. Fees, if the drop-off is in the middle of the originally specified location
  3. Provincial Sales Tax if applicable
  4. Charges per kilometer if the package is not of the unlimited
  5. Fee, if additional driver is taken
  6. Specific charges for age 21 to 25
  7. Extra location fees charged like in airports
  8. Special charge for using Highway 407 ETR in the Toronto area


It is important to buy a collision damage waiver insurance. Some credit card companies include CDW insurance for their clients if they pay for the rental through their card but it includes certain terms and conditions as per the policy of direct waiver with or without third party liability. Some automobile insurance policy covers rental car payments as well, so you are lucky to have them and use their service. This type of policy requires them to contain transferable coverage and travelling with all papers is advisable.

Keep papers handy

Another issue to be dealt with high importance is, a written signed agreement for travel beyond borders of state and provinces or country, as some companies do not allow to cross border whereas some companies charge extra for this travel and the importance of carrying a written signed agreement with the company is to show to the official in borders while crossing.

Ready to take on the journey

In the end, there are some locations to travel in Canada, like where there is snow and the law requires putting in snow tires to drive which a rental company with an exception of travelling to Quebec will not provide so the best is to be ready for the hardware addition.




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