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Tips on Renting a Car in Toronto, Ontario

Tips on Renting a Car in Toronto, Ontario

One of the most busiest and cosmopolitan cities you can find in Canada is Toronto, Ontario. While in the city of Ontario you can be offered with many options of public transportation however still everyone has a dream to own a vehicle and explore the city and the beautiful areas around. Just like the United States the process on reservation for renting a car is no different in Toronto. When the travelers visit the north of the border they may see many car rental companies which they can be very familiar with. If you are one of the tourists with a little confusion on renting a car in Toronto, then below are some tips which can prove to be helpful.

Car Renting tips in Toronto

Step 1

You can make a choice on selecting the website of the car rental company. You will find the major car rental companies and most of them have branches in Ontario.

Step 2

Once you get into google just enter “Toronto” as the pick up location for yourself or the car. You have the availability of car rentals on the entire airports in Toronto. You can also find car rental companies at the Viscount Station very near to the Pearson International airport. This station is a part of City’s Network LINK train.

Step 3

Always give an indication of the dates you wish to rent a car. Choose the class of the car you want to rent, if you require any special equipment like a GPS device or car seats mention that too.

Step 4

Once you arrive in Toronto get to the car rental counter, if necessary the person on the counter at the terminal will guide you with a shuttle towards the car. You should complete all the necessary paper work onsite. Arrange for a courtesy transportation to the rental agency if you have rented the car from a company which is located near the Viscount Station. You also have the option to take Link train to the station.

Step 5

While you are at the car rental pick up point provide the confirmation of the car reservation along with a valid credit card and your drivers license. Also look on your credit card details as many credit card companies provide you with car insurance. American based renting vehicles in Canada does not require international Driving permit, however they might ask you for your US passport.

Step 6

Always check the car you are hiring for any damages in the interior and the exterior as you might be held responsible for it at the time of returning the car. Also look for tools and equipments which might be necessary in case of a flat tire or any small repairs.   

A Tip

Before you hit the road review all the Canadian driving rules and laws to make sure you do not break any rule inadvertently. For e.g. one of the Canadian driving rule is to tighten up your seat belts and do not exceed speed limit.

A Warning

Sometimes there is a restriction on the vehicle class that you are renting, also they charge you an extra daily fees if you are a driver under the age of 25.


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