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What should I look out for when renting a car in Mississauga?

When renting a car you always have to watch out for the hidden fees, make sure the daily rate is clearly written, hourly rate and also weekly rate. get a car for at least one week can save you a lot of money. When renting a car in Mississauga you should understand all terms mentioned in the agreement such as collision damage insurance, the deductable amount and your responsibilities and rights. Many car rental companies have offices in Pearson Airport, but do you know renting a car from the airport can cost you an addition $9.99 convince fee added into every rental.

Finally, when making any car rentals in Mississauga you should check the gas level in the car and compare it with the gas level mentioned in the rental agreement. You should avoid returning the car with less gas than what they gave it to you, as they could charge you administration fees plus the difference of gas levels. Finally, don’t get deceived with baits that look too good to be true, especially when you see offers of car rentals at $19.99 per day. There is a 99% chance there are hidden fees just waiting for you.

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